At Dual Occ Advisors, our floorplans are tailored to your design intent, location, budget and end use. There are sizes available from 250sqm – 350sqm. The space is designed around a central hallway connecting the open-planned living spaces that make up the entire ground floor. Another main feature of these dual occupancy homes in Melbourne is the adjoining stairway leading to a large upstairs retreat that separates the private master bedroom entry and the children’s zone. This design showcases balanced sophistication within a modern environment. Below are the floorplans that form the base of your original design.

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The Stanley exemplifies a spacious and light-filled development. The versatile open-plan living area downstairs is perfect for entertaining family and friends. Upstairs, a large leisure area provides plenty of space for the kids thus giving all the family enough space and relaxation whilst also achieving higher resales.

Ground Floor
Stanley Ground Floor Image
First Floor
Stanley First Floor Image
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The Milford offers the latest cutting-edge townhouse plan, featuring a has to be seen downstairs design that connects the guest suite to an opulent ensuite (complete with free-standing bath) via a spacious walk-in robe. Upstairs, a significant master suite as well as each bedroom also having their own ensuite - perfect for a growing family.

Ground Floor
Milford Ground Floor Image
First Floor
Milford First Floor Image
Why Choose Us?

Dual Occ Advisors is a leader in providing the market with guidance on luxury dual occupancy designs in Melbourne that are desirable for any streetscape and budget.

Our dual occ homes are an extension of our designer’s luxury ethos, with the added benefit of invaluable insights into property markets, construction, local council, government regulations and intuitive investment options.

Our dual occ builders in Melbourne provide families and first-time developers with dual occupancy and subdivision services that give them the opportunity to unlock the potential within their existing land and help them transition into the property development market.

View our latest dual occupancy display homes in Melbourne to see how one of these cutting-edge, architecturally designed developments can maximise the profitability of your investment – or you could also just live in one of these luxurious dual living homes in Melbourne yourself!

Dual Occ Process

The Dual Occ Advisors have used our industry experience to outline a process that ultimately ensures that your Dual Occ Investment creates the best financial outcome for you.


The key to a quality Dual Occupancy development is a deep understanding of the real potential of your site. No two sites are the same furthermore not all sites are suitable for development.


The efficient use of space is the key driver behind a solid financial outcome in a Dual Occ development. In order to achieve this, the design process must marry together design theory and RESCODE stipulations. The resulting design is multi-faceted to encompass visual appeal, living functionality, RESCODE requirements as well as achieving cost-effective build outcomes.


It is essential that the required planning permits are obtained, this can be a confusing process for a first-time developer. The planning permit is the basis of the investment because a poor result will foster a poor financial outcome. The outcome of the planning permit is impacted by the quality of the planner that is engaged to represent the application at council.


A superior finish reflects the quality displayed throughout the home in both visual and sensory experiences. To execute this one must combine a well-balanced architectural design, a light encapsulated space and a genuine intimate ‘homely feel’.


The resale value is the financial conclusion of the project. The resale value is determined by the entrepreneurial matrix of the land combined with the plans permit, build & finishes and the current market conditions.


All of my family have been property investors and or developers for many years. Whilst we have been using other builders we recently came across Dual Occ Advisors. I engaged Dual Occ Advisors to manage my development process for a Dual Occupancy Development. This was a reasonably seamless process in development terms from the town planning process to all the post build requirements that allowed the sales of my town house development.

As a result my parents are now doing a development with Dual Occ Advisors and now our family business has purchased a block and we have just got our planning permit. I had never done a development before and whilst we had some minor situations I found the process relatively positive. The real estate agent made my development their V.I.P townhouse of the month and that it was presented extremely well so they had a Thursday V.I.P night for all potential purchasers. At auction I got the price I wanted even though it was a low market.

Edith St

I am the developer at 24 Mervin St Bentleigh East. I engaged Dual Occ Advisors to manage my process for a Dual Occupancy Development. This was a very successful turnkey process from the town planning permit, demolition, build, and all other post build requirements to allow the sale of my development.

I have done several developments and whilst we had some minor situations which had solution driven outcomes I found the process a very positive experience. There was a definite pride and positivity at all the open for inspections, with the real estate agent saying at the auction that it was the best presented development in the suburb at the time which was reflected in the selling price.

If I had not built with Dual Occ Advisors my feasibility formula would not have worked out into a positive financial result.

Mervin St

I engaged Dual Occ Advisors to manage my development process for a Dual Occupancy Development. This was a very seamless process from the town planning process to all the end build requirements that allowed the sale and rent of my town house development. I have never done a development before and whilst we had some minor situations which were sorted out with good outcomes I found the process very rewarding.

There were many people at the open for inspections, with the real estate agent saying that the development one of their highest trafficked sites of the month and at auction it had many bidders in the selling price range. Having spoken to other agents they could not believe the price for the value.

Veronica St

Stephen Mccarthy – Melbourne’s Leading Independent Dual Occupancy Specialist

Over the last 20 years, Stephen McCarthy has pioneered the development of luxury dual occupancy in Victoria. As Melbourne’s leading independent dual occupancy specialist, Stephen has redefined dual occupancy designs in Melbourne to meet the quality and expectations of an increasingly savvy market. His mission is to maximise his clients’ return on investment, achieving this by streamlining the council approval process, build time and costs.

Moreover, he maximises the dual occupancy home prices and rental yields. As land values have increased, dual occupancy and subdivision has become the most popular way for families to unlock the equity in their home without the need to move out of their own area.

“I create thoughtful details in my designs with a place for everything”
Stephen McCarthy

Where We Have Built Dual Occ Homes

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