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Dual Occupancy Builders in South Melbourne

Do you want to get the most out of your land investment? At Dual Occ Advisors, we’re proud to offer families and first time-developers tailored dual occupancy and subdivision services, providing our clients with valuable insight and guidance on luxury dual occupancy designs. Our dual occupancy builders in South Melbourne can formulate floorplans that are customised to your location, budget and end use. Backed by decades of experience, we can be trusted to help you achieve the best financial outcome.

Unlock the Potential of Your Land

Our dual occupancy builders in South Melbourne give you the chance to enter the property development market and unlock the potential of your existing land. Building multiple dwellings on one lot of land makes a lot of financial sense, as it increases cash flow, reduces maintenance costs, and boosts the overall value of the site. Whether you want to maximise the profitability of an investment or live in one yourself, we can design dual occupancy homes that are beautiful, practical and sustainable.

Only the highest quality materials, fixtures and fittings are used to carry out the project. A number of steps are involved, including conducting a site feasibility report to determine what is and isn’t achievable, creating a design that encompasses visual appeal and living functionality while complying with regulations, helping you obtain necessary planning permits, ensuring a superior finish, and calculating the resale value based on the build and current market conditions.

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